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About Protectafile

Protectafile is a specialist manufacturer of polythene files and folders designed for all educational and health establishments. They are manufactured to a high specification from heavy-duty polythene available in clear, coloured and metallic ranges with sturdy ‘brilliant white’ board inserts. We supply to over 6000 educational institutions throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our products are British made and economical to suit all budgets.


Protectafile has proved a real benefit to schools last 34 years, colleges and universities where protected storage of drawings, plans, designs and final GCSE/ A Level work is essential. Pupils are always on the move carrying vital work around. Whether, they travel on the bus to school or moving from one lesson to another. Dog-eared work damage while moving around is no joke to the examiner when it comes to the final assessment. Protectafile will hold vital work keeping them safe and tidy while moving, and thanks to the quality of products used in a Protectafile, there is no better way to impress an examiner or client than presenting and leaving work in a smart, sturdy Protectafile.


Tired of hearing pupils saying that they can’t find the work or finding that the coursework is torn, creased or damaged? Then Protectafile will prove invaluable to you and your pupils. Protectafile will keep all educational work in crisp pristine condition, thanks to its durable polythene and rigid boards. Protectafile is suitable for use in all education subjects and is perfect where tidiness and good housekeeping is vital.


We follow the guidelines of our Local Authority’s Environmental Policy and copies are available on request.

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